3rd Party Tool End of Life
With the migration of Railroads Online to Unreal Engine 5 and the changes to the save file format and the new save system, all of my 3rd party tools are no longer compatible with the game.
I have not worked on any of my tools since back in July of 2022 and I am not planning on updating my tools any further, which means this is an end of life notification for all my tools.

Thank you to all who have found my tools useful.

Save Money Cheat Editor
"Railroads Online Money Cheat", is a save money cheat and editor tool for Railroads Online!

  • Can run from anywhere.
  • Auto-detects Steam and Railroads Online.
  • Game version and branch independent!
  • Direct editing of level, XP and money.
  • Quick profile reset back to $ 2000 and zero XP.
  • Quick transfer of all funds and XP from one player to another.
  • Option to delete player profiles of players no longer active.
  • Quick-access to the saves folder.
  • Automatically repairs the current bug in the game that causes saves to become excessively big (only if detected).
  • Automatically removes old orphaned player profiles.
  • Both repairs can also be done through the load UI, to apply repairs without having to edit player profiles.
  • Generates a .bak copy of the original save, if a .bak file does not already exist for the loaded slot.

After launching "Railroads Online! Money Cheat" you will be presented with the load world screen:

Railroads Online! Money Cheat - Load world screen

At the top of the window, you will find the toolbar used to navigate through the application.
The first toolbar icon button, leads to the "Load World". The second icon button, the money bill with the pensil, switches the "Money Editor" and becomes active once a world has been loaded.
The third toolbar icon button is used to save changes made to player profiles in the "Money Editor".

Additionally, you may see up to 4 extra toolbar buttons off to the right.
The first one with the label "Saves" will open a Windows Explorer in the folder that contains Railroads Online!'s save files.
The second one with the label "Play" will start Railroads Online!, if it is not running already.
The third toolbar icon button off to the right shown in the above screenshot, is the "New update available" indicator. When an update becomes available, this toolbar icon button will appear and start flashing to let you know that a new version is available. Clicking this toolbar icon button while active, will display a dialog showing the latest version available, asking if you would like to update now. Answering "Yes" will open your default browser directly on the "RO Money Cheat" page.
The last toolbar icon button off to the right, is the "About" button, which will just display a small about page describing the application.

The main listing here, lists all 10 save slots, same as they appear in the game, however the time stamp has been prioritized over the date.
For convenience, the size of each save is also displayed.

Hovering the mouse over one of the save slots, will highlight that slot, as expected, but also possibly show a star, a faded out set of tools and a faded out trash bin.
The indicates the most recently saved game.

Clicking any of the highlighted save slots, will switch the view over to the "Money Editor".

The two faded icons are actually tool buttons, that will highlight when hovering the mouse over them, indicating that they are now active buttons that can be clicked.

The first of these two tool buttons, is the "Repair Save" button. For more details, please see the "Repairs" section below.

Should you want to delete one of your saves, click the trashcan tool button. A confirmation box will be shown, to ensure saves are not deleted accidentally.

"RO Money Cheat" comes with two repair features. These repairs can be applied manually to a save file, however "RO Money Cheat" will also apply both repair types to any world that is loaded into the money editor.
Repair: Orphaned Player Profiles

Months back a player profile desynchronization bug was fixed in the game, however this had the unfortunate effect of creating orphaned player profiles in the save files. So far this issue is not addressed by the game, leaving behind a number of old player profiles in saves that have been in use since the desynchronization bug was fixed.

Repairing these orphaned player profiles is nothing more than removing these profiles from the player profile lists and adjusting them back into a synchronized length.
This does not affect any of the current player profiles.
Repair: Excessive Save File Size

In the current beta branch of the game, the game has a bug causing the new splines to be written to the save file, with an excessive amount of unused data.
This is only relevant for the new spline system being implemented, so old saves that only have the old spline system in them are not affected by this bug.

When new splines are placed in the game world, data is stored that describes where each spline is, what it looks like and also which other spline pieces this spline piece is connected to. This is where the bug creeps in and has the unfortunate effect of growing these link lists to excessive sizes. As an example, placing 4 new spline pieces in the world, should therefore only generate 4 sets of data to describe this new spline piece, however the game generates 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10 entries for each of the connection descriptions.
As more spline pieces are placed, this just keeps growing and growing to almost extreme sizes. The extra excessive data stored, only contains an indicator that this is not connected to anything.

The worst case of this excessive data I have seen so far, was a save file with a size of 18Mb. Applying this repair, brought it back down to the more expected 400Kb, without damaging the actual track work.

Repairing excessive save file sizes, is simply the removal of all these excessive connection descriptions. This repair does not affect any of the existing spline pieces in the world, nor how they are linked to one another.
Clicking the "Repair Save" tool button in the load screen, will apply both of these repairs to the selected save file, if they are necessary.

Loading a world into the money editor, will automatically apply both of these repairs during the loading process, however the repairs will not be saved unless you manually click the save changes button in the toolbar, which will only go active once a player profile has been changed.

Money Editor
The money editor comes packed with a handful of neat features:

Railroads Online! Money Cheat - Money Editor

All valid player profiles are listed, sorted alphabetically, however if the original author of this world also exists in the player profile list, this profile is placed at the top of the list and will have a different icon, to indicate the creator or Chairman of the world.

The three columns listing the level, XP and money for each player, can be directly clicked and edited. As you can see in the screenshot above, I clicked on "RocketWorlf's" level column, enabling the editing of the level.

Tabbing will move the focus of editing to the next column. Shift+tabbing does the same, in reverse order.
Pressing Enter or clicking outside of the input boxes, accepts the changes made and applies them to the player profile.
Pressing Escape in any of the input boxes, cancels the editing and reverts all changes back to their original values.

Just like the "Load World" screen, hovering over any of the player profiles, will also display three faded out tool icon buttons.
Notes on input restrictions:
  • Level is capped between 1 (one) and 21. The maximum level the game can support, is 22.
  • XP is capped between 0 (zero) and 2 billion. This leaves another 147 million XP that can be earned in-game.
  • Money is capped between 0 (zero) and 15 million. This leaves sufficient room for further earnings in-game.

Money Editor - Reset
Tool button:
Reset player profile
Clicking this tool button, will display a dialog allowing you to quickly reset this player's profile back to it's starting setup.

The dialog looks like this:

Railroads Online! Money Cheat - Reset Profile

This is an example of the full range of options, this dialog has to offer.

By default, synchronization will be enabled / checked, as shown in this screenshot.
Synchronizing a selected profile, in this case the world creator / Chairman and myself are shown, means that the reset action will be synchronized with which ever player profile is selected. The orange outline around Nix' profile, is the indication that Nix's profile is selected for synchronization.
Synchronizing with another profile, will transfer all XP to the selected synchronization profile and transfer the difference in money between the two profiles, placing the profile being reset back to it's original $ 2000 starter amount.
If the profile being reset has more than $ 2000 the difference between the currently held amount of money and $ 2000 will be transferred to the selected synchronization profile.
If the profile being reset has less than $ 2000 the difference up to $ 2000 is withdrawn from the selected synchronization profile and transferred to the profile being reset.

Disabling synchronization, by unchecking "Synchronize with:" will set the XP to zero and the money to $ 2000 on the profile being reset.
Your choice of whether this synchronization is enabled or disabled, is remembered for the duration you are running RO Money Cheat.

Money Editor - Transfer
Tool button:
Transfer player profile
Clicking this tool button, will display a dialog allowing you to transfer this player's XP and money to another player profile.

The dialog looks like this:

Railroads Online! Money Cheat - Transfer Profile

The left-hand column displays the selected player's name and current monetary and XP holdings, which is about to be transferred.
Accepting this dialog, will transfer all the money and all the XP to the selected recipient player.

The right-hand column shows a short-list of possible recipients, starting with the world creator / Chairman if available, always followed by yourself if you exist in this world's player list. The darker area of this dialog next to the magnifying glass is a search box, where you can type in partial names to find and select a specific player profile.

Just like in the "Reset" dialog, the orange outline indicates who is selected as the recipient.

Click the "Ok" button to complete the transfer.

Final notes
Don't forget to save any changes you've made.

As the name suggests this tool came into being to provide easy means to cheat with money and XP, that does not depend on a particular version or branch of the game.

The "Reset" and "Transfer" options, were added to provide additional tools to more easily move value around between players. Using the default settings, these two features combined provide those wanting to play legitimately the means to transfer values between players without having to cheat. From time to time someone forgets to go through the in-game tab menu and toggle the "Join company" button, which means the person who forgot, will earn the XP and money from deliveries, instead of having the earnings transferred to the company owner, this forgetful player works for (yep, I'm guilty of this forgetfulness too!).
With these two features, this mistake can easily be fixed by the host player, without the need to cheat.

I would like to extend a special thank you to:
littlesproadie (and CDtrumpet5) for providing me with a copy of Blueberry Valley's world, that has a lot of player profiles in it. Helped me greatly in testing everything.
Bob Kramer for pointing out my lazy approach to the upper money cap and providing me with a reasonably safe options.

  • Fixed: Unaccounted for edge-case scenario causing parts of the repair tools to not be properly instantiated.
  • Fixed: Unaccounted for edge-case scenario of the player profile listing causing an out-of-bounds exception.
  • Release: First release of "Railroads Online! Money Cheat".

Latest version
Latest version: v1.0.0 - build: 281
Release date: 7. October 2022
File size: 408 Kb.
Download size: 194 Kb.
Reached end of life.

Latest changes
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Please download the latest version above.

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