3rd Party Tool End of Life
With the migration of Railroads Online to Unreal Engine 5 and the changes to the save file format and the new save system, all of my 3rd party tools are no longer compatible with the game.
I have not worked on any of my tools since back in July of 2022 and I am not planning on updating my tools any further, which means this is an end of life notification for all my tools.

Thank you to all who have found my tools useful.

Tree Manipulation Tool
"Railroads Online Tree-inator", is a tree manipulation tool for Railroads Online!

The Tree-inator can replant, remove and trim trees across an entire Railroads Online world.
  • Can run from anywhere.
  • Auto-detects Steam and Railroads Online.
  • Trim / remove trees at custom distance around all tracks.
  • Trim / remove trees around all 9 industries.
  • Trim / remove trees around all facilities.
  • Smart trim the world, using all of the above.
  • Remove all trees in the world (almost).
  • Replant all trees in the world (!).
  • Works with custom placed industries / maps
Please note, that this is a console application, using a text-mode display, as you can see below.

As mentioned in the features, you can run the Tree-inator from anywhere and it will automatically find your Railroads Online saves folder.
During the start-up, the Tree-inator will load up just under 200,000 trees, so please hang tight, while the Tree-inator explores the forest ...

The "Select save" view
After building the tree location database, you are presented with the save selection menu:

As the built-in help at the bottom of the screen suggest, you can use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move the selector up and down.

Enter will make the selection final and Escape will exit the application, closing the console window.

Tree options
Once you've select the save / world you want to manipulate trees in, all the options are presented.

"Trim tracks"
This will remove trees along all your tracks, up to the distance you select. The default is set to 5 metres, which leaves a decent distance without trees away from the track.

Here's an example of 5 metre trimming along tracks:

"Trim industries"
This option will trim trees in a predetermined radius around all 9 industries only. The Tree-inator will load the positions from your world save, so yes this works for custom placed industries worlds as well.
  • Logging Camp (50m)
  • Sawmill (60m)
  • Smelter (50m)
  • Ironworks (50m)
  • Oilfield (100m)
  • Refinery (50m)
  • Coal Mine (50m)
  • Iron Ore Mine (40m)
  • Freight Depo (40m)

"Trim facilities"
This option will trim trees in a predetermined radius around all 4 different types of facilities, so:
  • Watertower (10m)
  • Sandhouse (8m)
  • Firewood Depo (15m)
  • Engine Shed (all 4 colors of course) (15m)

"Smart trim world"
Smart trimming the world, starts by replanting all trees in the world for a sort of clean slate.
After that the spawn tracks are cleared of trees, using a reduced area of effect that only covers the spawn tracks.
Then all industries and facilities are cleared of tree and finally trees along all your tracks are removed at the distance you have specified.

"Remove all trees"
As the option name suggests, clears all the trees in the world (as of Aikawa's last published version of a tree-less world).

"Replant all trees"
Replants all the trees in the world, without attention to tracks, industries or facilities. Use at your own risk (of derailment).

I would like to extend a huge thank you! to Aikawa for spending weeks clearing trees everywhere it is likely that we build. You've given the community a massive gift with your efforts!

Future plans ...
I am currently working on a graphical version of the Tree-inator, that will provide proper visual feedback of all the existing and removed trees. More customization options are planned and being worked on, such as custom radius of removal for any industry and facility, along with free-hand "drawing" to replant or remove trees.

Eventually the Tree-inator will be merged into Railroads Online Operations Manager.

When that happens, the Tree-inator will likely be retired in favour of better and all-in-one functionality. This will also allow me to focus solely on ROOM, instead of having to spread myself thin maintaining multiple projects.

  • Fixed: unable to correctly locate Railroads Online install path, when Steam has multiple install locations. Huge thank you to "ΣLЯICOFATAL" for helping me finally squash this bug.
  • Fixed: buffer under-run error with Unicode player names, causing a silent failure.
  • Fixed: unable to correctly locate Railroads Online install path, when Steam has multiple install locations.
  • Fixed: incorrect removal position for turntables; trees should clear on and around turntables now.
  • Fixed: remapped trees for removal around the shop area; trees should clear now.
  • Fixed: unable to find Railroads Online install path, when Steam has multiple install locations (thank you TMsaber).
  • Added: Update checking.

Latest version
Latest version: v1.0.3 - build: 234
Release date: 21. May 2022
File size: 2.39 Mb.
Download size: 1.98 Mb.
Reached end of life.

Known issues
Currently the Tree-inator is not able to trim trees along tracks with the new spline system.
All other options should still be functional.

Latest changes
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Please download the latest version above.

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