3rd Party Tool End of Life
With the migration of Railroads Online to Unreal Engine 5 and the changes to the save file format and the new save system, all of my 3rd party tools are no longer compatible with the game.
I have not worked on any of my tools since back in July of 2022 and I am not planning on updating my tools any further, which means this is an end of life notification for all my tools.

Thank you to all who have found my tools useful.

Industry Cheat Editor
"Railroads Online Industry Cheat", is a save industry cheat and editor tool for Railroads Online!

  • Can run from anywhere.
  • Auto-detects Steam and Railroads Online.
  • Game version and branch independent!
  • Direct editing of industry inventories.
  • Quick-access to the saves folder.
  • Generates a .bak copy of the original save, if a .bak file does not already exist for the loaded slot.
  • Note does not work with custom saves that have more than one instance of each industry!

After launching "Railroads Online! Industry Cheat" you will be presented with the load world screen:

Railroads Online! Industry Cheat - Load world screen

At the top of the window, you will find the toolbar used to navigate through the application.
The first toolbar icon button, leads to the "Load World". The second icon button, the factory building, switches to the "Industry Editor" and becomes active once a world has been loaded.
The third toolbar icon button is used to save changes made to industries in the "Industry Editor".

Additionally, you may see up to 4 extra toolbar buttons off to the right.
The first one with the label "Saves" will open a Windows Explorer in the folder that contains Railroads Online!'s save files.
The second one with the label "Play" will start Railroads Online!, if it is not running already.
The third toolbar icon button off to the right shown in the above screenshot, is the "New update available" indicator. When an update becomes available, this toolbar icon button will appear and start flashing to let you know that a new version is available. Clicking this toolbar icon button while active, will display a dialog showing the latest version available, asking if you would like to update now. Answering "Yes" will open your default browser directly on the "RO Industry Cheat" page.
The last toolbar icon button off to the right, is the "About" button, which will just display a small about page describing the application.

The main listing here, lists all 10 save slots, same as they appear in the game, however the time stamp has been prioritized over the date.
For convenience, the size of each save is also displayed.

Hovering the mouse over one of the save slots, will highlight that slot, as expected, but also possibly show a star, a faded out set of tools and a faded out trash bin.
The indicates the most recently saved game.

Clicking any of the highlighted save slots, will switch the view over to the "Industry Editor".

The two faded icons are actually tool buttons, that will highlight when hovering the mouse over them, indicating that they are now active buttons that can be clicked.

The first of these two tool buttons, is the "Repair Save" button. For more details, please see the "Repairs" section below.

Should you want to delete one of your saves, click the trashcan tool button. A confirmation box will be shown, to ensure saves are not deleted accidentally.

The hammer and wrench tool button in the load world listing, is a left-over repair function from when the game was suffering from excessive save file sizes.
It no longer serves a function, so you can ignore it.

Industry Editor
The money editor lists the 8 industries, arranged by name.

Railroads Online! Industry Cheat - Industry Editor

Click one of the industries to have it's demand and supply shown. Once you have selected an industry, you can edit the amounts for any or all of the materials each industry deals with.

Remember to save the changes you make.
Notes on input restrictions:
  • You can not enter negative numbers.
  • The maximum of a resource is determined by the capacity of the slot at the industry.

Final notes
Don't forget to save any changes you've made.

As the name suggests this tool came into being to provide easy means to cheat with industry inventory, that does not depend on a particular version or branch of the game.

Originally I created this tool to help content creators in setting up scenarios for the content they create.
At the time of creation, I was not particularly focused on custom created worlds so this tool does not support save files that have more than one instance of the 8 primary industries. There are no particular checks in place for such save files, so the tool may act strange if you try to load such a save, but it will not damage you save.

  • Release: First release of "Railroads Online! Industry Cheat".

Latest version
Latest version: v1.0.0 - build: 30
Release date: 24. January 2023
File size: 376 Kb.
Download size: 166 Kb.
Reached end of life.

Latest changes
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Please download the latest version above.

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