Paul Simnel's premade late-game map
It is not claimed to be perfect (although it has been checked to make sure all the splines are linked to the next one), or ideal for all play styles, it can be used as is, or you can use it as a basis to play on with all the industries connected (when there is a public version of the game that allows you to play and make deliveries using the new splines) and replace the track section by section to suit yourself.

It is intended as a late game track plan, rather than as you'd build it as you played through and developed (to make sure I didn't have to relay whole routes just because relaying one switch at an industry changed the start of the route), it is single track with passing track and each industry has a yard with a few sidings.

It's a bit over the top in places, but is intended to accommodate late tech tree locos. The intention is it can be played both realistically, using passing/runround tracks, wyes/triangles, and/or turntables to turn the train round, OR use the return/balloon loops semi-hidden in the trees if the players want to play it that way (the "roundabout" circle at the Sawmill with 3 triangles is over the top, but flexible).
  • The West side (Oil field, Iron Works, and Oil Refinery is built with 70m minimum radius in the yards and 100m minimum radius on the main line (realistic radius for latter larger locos), the climb up to the Oil Refinery is 1-1.5%.
  • The Sawmill yard is 50m minimum radius (except from the Beam end of the platform, which is 40m because of the cliff), it was laid before I'd found data on realistic radius, I might try to relay the West end to 70m min radius at some point so larger locos on runs towards the Oil Refinery can use that end of it.
  • I can't remember what the freight depot yard and Wye are, probably at least 50m minimum radius)
  • Logging Camp to Sawmill. 50m minimum radius, 1% grade.
  • Sawmill to Iron Mine, 50m minimum radius, 2% grade.
  • Sawmill to Smelter, 70m minimum radius, 1.5% grade (for hauling trains coming back from the Coal mine loaded with coal and Raw Iron out of the smelter).
  • Smelter to Iron Mine 70m minimum radius, 2.5% grade (yard at Iron Mine is set up so trains to-from smelter and in yard can use 70m minimum radius and use the industry platform as a dead end siding (avoiding the 40m radius curve off the end of the platform))
  • Waterfall above Smelter to Coal mine 70m minimum radius, 2% grade (except the short cut un the southwest corner of the map which is 3% grade, the track that goes into the corner is 50m minimum radius)
  • There is a yard using old splines south of the Freight Depot where the trains are stored.
Most of the tracks are laid with circular tool, with manually controlled radius, transitions (a ~8m long section with double the radius before/after the main curve), and a 8m long straight between reverse curves. Free hand is mostly just used for joining up and some sidings.
Author: Paul Simnel
Discord: Paul Simnel

After downloading, unzip the archive.
Inside you will find a .sav file, which is the world save.
Place the .sav file in your saves folder and rename to slot#.sav
where # = 1 to 10.
Save location:
Press Windows Key + R
Paste this into the box:
Press ENTER or click "Ok"