HumanityKills' Shunting Puzzle map

HumanityKills has yet again been a legend creating another custom challenge map! This one is based on ian76g's original minizwerg test map,
redesigned a bit to provide a good challenge.

This map contains 3 different shunting puzzles to be solved.

Full details about this map and instructions are in this video (by HumanityKills):

Video link on YouTube: (post comments there)
HumanityKills on YouTube:

Author: riVeRraT
Discord: humanitykills

After downloading, unzip the archive.
Inside you will find a .sav file, which is the world save.
Place the .sav file in your saves folder and rename to slot#.sav
where # = 1 to 10.
Save location:
Press Windows Key + R
Paste this into the box:
Press ENTER or click "Ok"